Ep.#22 Dirty Taco

https://www.spreaker.com/user/infirmarymedia/ep-22 This week we find our esteemed hosts on the mend, Nate with the remnants of a sore throat and Dave with some pretty serious issues resulting from his recent surgery. They take a look at the current anti-science trend, specifically the rash of Flat-Earth conspiracy theorists that seem to be spreading at an alarming... Continue Reading →

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Episode #13 Smorgasbord

https://www.spreaker.com/user/infirmarymedia/ep13 We present to you, the delightful podcast listener, diverse dollops of discussion! Topics include celebrating victories with cake frosting (1:34), seasonal depression (2:35), elections (5:35), gun control and cunnilingus (9:21), the evil that is Amazon's Alexa (14:27), savings card slavery (16:18), the Dallas church diddler (19:35), dealing with PTSD (29:57), slurps gone wrong (36:44),... Continue Reading →

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Episode One

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/selling-out/id1389595406 … … Stitcher: http://stitcher.com/podcast/selling-out … … … PodBean: http://podbean.com/media/share/dir-xr3eg-41996bd … … … https://anchor.fm/sellingout/episodes/Selling-Out-1-e1hd0s   On the jam packed Debut episode of Selling Out: Hosts Dave and Nate begin by tackling the topic of Church. It's starts with wondering why there are no Christian Glam Rock Bands and ends with them discussing if an afterlife is worth... Continue Reading →

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